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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Top 5 Homemade Gifts For The Special Man In Your Life

We think that homemade gifts are the best gifts. Not only are thoughtful and require time and effort, but they are easier to personalize and allow you to make the exact thing you had in mind for your loved one.

Of course, the bonus is that you will often save money in the process too!

Out of all the ideas we found for DIY gifts for men, these were our Top 5:

#1 Beef Jerkey

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, though we don't know if this is entirely true, most of the men we know sure do love their meat! As such, we loved the idea of making beef jerkey as a home made gift for your man.

We found so many tutorial for this on Pinterest and love the idea of packaging it up in custom little boxes or paper bags.

If your man is not a big meat-eater, think of other edibles that could be packaged in this adorable fashion!

#2 Manly Soap

What makes a soap manly? We're guessing it depends on the man.

Some scents often considered manly would include musks, spruce, cedar, sandalwood, cardamom, saffron, leather, rum, cognac, tobacco, grass and sea salt.

There are many soap recipes to be found, but we would recommend one that you don't have to handle lye.

Once you've blended the perfect fragrance for your man's scented soap, you could also consider making a matching scented candle!

#3 DIY Apron

We think men look sexy when they are cooking and/or barbecuing and we think they are even sexier when they are doing it wearing an apron (additional clothing is optional!)

If you are like us, you might have looked around for an apron with the perfect saying on it, but may have come out empty handed.

We have two different suggestions here depending on how much time and effort you wish to put into it:

- You could easily customize an existing plain apron with heat transfer vinyl, paint, inkjet fabric printing, or by sewing extra pockets to look like this.
-You could sew a simple apron yourself from scratch (and personalize it with one of the options above) or sew something much more fun like this Darth Vader apron!

#4 DIY Wallet

A wallet is something a man will usually carry around with him everywhere he goes so by making him one as a gift you will know that wherever he goes, he will get a little reminder of you each time he takes out his wallet.

You could make the wallet out of fabric, leather, or even paper!

#5 Map Coasters

We love the idea of map coasters because they could be customized to your love story. You could use maps of the places you were both born, or of where you met, of places important to the both of you or places you have dreamed of visiting together. The maps you chose to feature in this thoughtful gift can start a trip down memory lane or talks of dreams for the future.
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